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Parents wishing to enrol their child at a school will be made aware of the culture of the school, its education offerings, the terms on which a child is enrolled as a student and the responsibilities of parents of children enrolled before the parent makes a commitment. 

The procedures for enrolment of students will include the following elements:

Step 1

A background document (eg Prospectus) will be prepared to provide an outline of the school’s programs including academic courses and other activities and the school’s philosophy.  It will be made clear that the programs may vary from time to time.  The document will avoid extravagant claims or giving promises of particular outcomes.

Step 2

An application form will be provided which is sent with the background document and a document outlining the conditions of entry of the school.

Step 3

At some stage, there will be an interview with the parents and the child to assist in establishing that the expectations of the parents can be met.

Step 4

A letter of offer of enrolment will be sent to the parents of the student(s) which again contains the conditions of entry to the school.

The parents may accept the offer, agreeing to the terms.