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Director’s Message

Director’s Message

“Maarif is a nest in nurturing pure-minded young people who use their knowledge for peace and for the welfare of humanity.”


Maarif is part of a global chain of schools consisting of over 450 educational institutions in 70 different countries established by the Turkish Maarif Foundation, located in Istanbul. Maarif is the only Turkish school in Australia that provides a blend of Australian, Turkish, and international approaches to education.

Maarif is a bilingual international school implementing both the Australian National Curriculum requirements and providing intensive Turkish language and cultural programmes. As Maarif, we believe in discovering the creativity, competency and skills in young learners and recognise individual differences. Therefore, we offer our students many opportunities including academic excellence, unique courses clustered in arts, drama, music and games, traditional and cultural programmes, sporting opportunities, student leadership, accelerated and enhanced learning programmes including religious studies and interdisciplinary initiatives. We strongly have the conviction that all humans have creative power by virtue, and it is the responsibility of education providers to discover and cultivate these powers which are not limited just to the above-mentioned disciplines but more influential in all areas of life.

Honesty, sincerity, respect, compassion, modesty, and generosity are some of the values that cannot be acquired with a degree. Maarif graduates hold much more precious merits. In its fifth year, Maarif has become a school that has attested itself to becoming a nest in nurturing pure-minded young people who use their knowledge for peace and the welfare of humanity. We aim to educate a generation aware of their identity, traditions, culture, and values to become patriots of the community who will commit themselves to the development of a well-educated, reputable, and influential society in Australia while also being open to global cooperation and collaboration.

Maarif students will become the leaders of the society. With the correct pedagogical approach at Maarif, they gain critical and analytical thinking abilities, confidence, tolerance, and integrity which will enhance their communication skills, encourage them to solve problems in all situations of life and foster an open-minded generation in order to make positive contributions to the society.